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Welcome to the Website of Nils Johan Ringdal. Most of the books Ringdal has written are no longer available in regular bookstores. He therefore wanted to have them digitized and made accessible via the Internet to anyone who wanted to read them. He started working on this Website in 2006. However, he was not able to complete the scanning of his books before he died in September 2008.

I have therefore found it important to continue this work. My hope is to make this a site where most of the books, articles, reviews and letters he wrote are available. But I also wish to post reviews of his books and interviews with him.

Nils Johan Ringdal collected a lot himself. But I am sure there are much materials I do not know about. I therefore hope family, friends, colleagues and fans of Nils Johan can send me some more. I am also happy to receive comments and reflections on the life and works of Nils Johan. Most of it will find its place here.

This is not meant as a biography of Nils Johan Ringdal. Rather it is an attempt to collect and systematize material about him. It is up to others to use it for different purposes.

You will reach the Online-Library with all his books by clicking Read more under the icons to the left on this page.

This Website has been sponsored by Nils's mother Mrs. Berit Ringdal and Moss Bys Vel.

Bali, October 2009

Georg Petersen